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Ali ibn Abi Talib Quotes

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Islam, Wisdom, Wisdom
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  • A poor man is like a foreigner in his own country.
  • Do for this life as if you live forever, do for the afterlife as if you die tomorrow.
  • He who doesn’t tolerate the bitterness of medicine will have lasting pain.
  • When a dishonorable person’s rank increases in society, he cares less about its people. An honorable person would do the opposite.
  • He’s truly your brother who will forgive your mistake, meet your need, accept your excuse, cover your imperfection, expel your fear, and fulfill your expectation.
  • Many tough problems are overcome by leniency.
  • Nothing raises a person like his endeavor, and nothing degrades him like self-indulgence.
  • Nobility is three traits: being generous although you have little to give, tolerating without being humiliated, and abstaining from asking for favors.
  • Four virtues, whoever has them will have the good of this world and the afterworld: honesty of speech, rendering of trusts (being trustworthy), eating from lawful sources, and possessing good manners.
  • Visiting one’s relatives prolongs life and increases wealth.
  • Today there are deeds and no judgment, and tomorrow there will be judgment and no deeds.
  • The best favor done to others is saving those who are desperate.
  • I did not blame someone for revealing my secret, because I could not hide it myself.
  • Faith is: patience during difficulty and thankfulness during prosperity.
  • A worshiper without knowledge is like the mill donkey; it rotates but it does not leave its place.
  • Asceticism helps you bear disasters easily.
  • There is no friend for the arrogant.
  • There are two kinds of people: those who seek but cannot find, and those who found but still want more.
  • The fiercest enemies of any human are his own anger and craving, and whoever controls them will ascend and reach his purpose.
  • Befriending evil people makes you evil, just like the wind: if it passes through a stinking place, it carries a stinking smell.
  • Wisdom is a tree which sprouts in the heart and fruits on the tongue.
  • Silence is composure and safety.
  • Whoever is content will be honorable and rich.
  • Honesty saves you, even if you fear it.
  • Patience insures victory.
  • Don’t be happy with wealth and comfort, and don’t be unhappy with poverty and suffering, because gold is tested with fire, and the believer is tested with trials.
  • Knowledge is the root of all good.
  • Forgiveness is the best victory.