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Dr. Mustafa Mahmud Quotes

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Wisdom
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I have no way other than to choose; I have to choose at every moment, and if I refrain from choosing, this refrain itself is a type of choice.

People change their faces everyday. For this reason do not look for your worth in people’s faces.

Do not look at what the faces paint. And do not listen to what the tongues say. And do not become concerned with tears. All of these are part of the shell of the human, and he changes his shell every day. Look for what’s beyond the shell. And this of course is not the heart, for the heart turns upside down easily. And it is not the mind, for he changes his viewpoint whenever the angel changes. Always look at the moment when he uses his freedom of choice.

The diplomatic is the man who speaks to me when he dislikes me in a way that makes me think he likes me.

Whoever reads history, depression never enters his heart, and he will see that the worldly life is just days that Allah circulates among people: the rich become poor, and the poor turn around and become rich. The weak ones of yesterday are today’s strong ones, and the rulers of yesterday are today’s homeless. The judges become defendants. The victors become losers. The universe goes around and life does not stop, and the events don’t stop happening, and the people exchange their positions, and no sadness continues, and no happiness lasts.

The artist seeks beauty, the thinker seeks truth, the revolutionary seeks justice, the Sufi seeks Allah. They differ in their appearances, but in reality they do not differ, because Truth, Justice, Creativity and Beauty are all names of Allah.

Work and move closer to Allah through seeking knowledge, not through growing beards, shortening your garments, wearing sandals, and holding on to the apparent and secondary things, for the first verse that was sent down in your Book was: “Read!”.