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”My Grandmother is the most devoted Christian I have ever known, her relationship with God is something to be envied and I thank her for building a foundation in my heart that allows my faith to be where I am today.” Nicole queen.

She was attracted to the discipline of the faith, how practicing Muslims could go their whole lives without drinking, or engaging in premarital relations and how life was more important to them than to waste it on the party scene. The same scene Nicole had grown bored with.

”If people just sat and read this book (the Quran), the way I did, they would totally want to be Muslim”

”One day, it hit me like a freight train, I realized that I dressed like a cheap girl and had nothing appropriate to wear to the Muslim class at the mosque, nothing”, she describes her moment of zen.

”My husband says today, after not tanning, eating healthy and not drinking anymore, I look so much younger than when he first met me. That was like 4 years ago so I feel like “WOW!”, Islam is good for the soul and your looks! ” she says jokingly.

”I remember thinking, Hey! how come the Imam doesn’t look me in the eye? I kept trying to catch his eyes with mine, thinking it rude that he didn’t give me proper eye contact! What an idiot I felt like, once I learned that it was out of respect and modesty that the Imam limited eye contact with me”, she recalled.

”I think people were so shocked that I left behind a glamorous American life to live clean and simple as a Muslim”. “I think they thought, “Why in the world would she wanna live like us?”

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The One Where I Became A Muslim.