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Gaza residents testify about the effects Israel and Egypt’s blockade of their land has had on their lives.


The enormous influence of Israel’s lobby in the US is hardly a secret – nor is it evidence of a conspiracy. There is nothing secret about it: the lobby openly seeks to influence the political class in Israel’s favor, and routinely intervenes in cases where the media is insufficiently sensitive to Israeli concerns. The resources at its disposal are substantial: major donors to the two political parties make no secret of the fact that a candidate’s stance on Israel is the standard by which all are to be judged.

Most of the U.S. vetoes cast in the Security Council in the 1980s and 90s, and almost all of those cast since the end of the Cold War, have been to protect Israel.



Dirty Wars

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Afghanistan, USA
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“Bradley Manning should be regarded as a hero. He is doing what an honest, decent citizen should be doing: letting your population know what the government, the people who rule you are doing. They want to keep it secret of course.”
Noam Chomsky

Manning Supporters Sign Petition to Serve Prison Time